Fluffy pens and Brussel Sprouts!


A random blog post today just to get things going and I’m also testing out the fact that I can blog on my phone, eek!
So some feedback from you lovelies would help in seeing how this comes out too please!

I just wanted to show you my fluffy pen that comes from Paperchase plus I got a chance to use my Sprouts tape also from the same shop.
Check it out –



This is a huge roll of tape! The main body of it is see-through and then the awesome Brussel Sprouts with party hats on their heads complete the whole look!
I used it today to seal the party bags for my sons birthday party. They are so quirky and fun that I think they make a great addition to any thing you need to seal as well as decorating planners, envelopes, diaries etc!

If your lucky, you may be able to pick some tape up from paperchase in their latest sales!



Yoo-hoo! We are Live!

This is it, no going back now, I have clicked live and publish to my blog!

Hello and welcome and please be patient whilst I find my way around!  Basically, this blog is a way for me to unleash to the world my love and addiction for all things stationery!

From colouring books, to planners, notebooks to diaries, I am obsessed and some may say, I have a problem!  BUT I know I am not alone!

Join me on this journey to discover what I have discovered, from etsy sellers, high street shops, secret discoveries and obvious choices, I thank you already for taking the time to read this!

Jade & the Paper Trail