Fun Fun Fun at The Colouring Club!

Last night I joined a lovely bunch of ladies at their 3rd meeting for colouring, run by Marian.

Adult colouring may have taken off in 2015 but I have always been a colouring fan and to then attend an evening like this was very exciting!  All we had to do was bring our colouring books and pens, and a small amount of change to take part in the raffle!

My chosen book for the evening was my new Tropical Wonderland by Millie Marrotta which my lovely husband bought me for Christmas!

Choice of pen was Sharpies, they do bleed through the pages but I just love the choice of colours and how smooth they look when I use them.

On the night I also received these beauties from Lidls’ which provided a trip down memory lane as I used them at school!


So I was also doing two pictures at once because it is nice to change things up every so often!

The night also included snacks and drinks and proceeds were going to charity too.

The conversation was a mixture of talking about schools, Poldark and getting to know one another as well as a related topic about Zentangle which I have often looked into doing but never been brave enough to try!  This is something that will be explored at the next group!

I really enjoyed looking at everyone else’s designs and was really inspired!  Especially when I could see how pencils could be used for shading rather than just full colour which is my speciality!

You can find out when the next group is by adding yourself to Colouring Outside the Lines group on Facebook and I have also been running my own colouring group, The Colouring Notebook.

Pop by, we would love to see you and your designs!

Thank you Marian for being a great host, and to all the lovely ladies that welcomed me!

Jade and the Paper Trail xx



30 days of Craftiness-Day 4 – Daily Routine


And so my daily routine of filling out all six new planners including the above, my pink filofax and my Kikki K 2016 pretty diary!

One is for work, the other is to keep a record of mileage and accounts.

Then the other four (not pictured here!) are for journalling, planning and updating, again all part of my new daily routine!

These will all be shown and reviewed after the 30 days of craftiness!

Jade and the Paper Trail

30 Days of craftiness- Day 3- Something New


For 2016, I wanted to try The Ultimate planner by Brand kitchen run by Sophie Jewry!
This is completely new and I love the anticipation of waiting for it to be delivered by my postman!
When it came, it was wrapped in gorgeous pink envelope which unfortunately I had to cut into as I couldn’t open it!



I loved how the inside is so neat and organised which is inspiring to continue that way when I begin to write in it!
For now, it will help me with my to do lists every day which pile up and a good resource to fall back on.
I will do an official blog post on this when I have filled it out!

Jade and the Paper Trail xx

30 days of Craftiness – Day 2 – Workbench


Here it is, my Workbench! Or my office desk as it were!
My desk is often messier than this although to me this is not tidy at all! Here is where I create all my ideas, and as I am self employed too, it has become my work space.

The desk was given to me by a friend and was pine before I painted it white! I decopatched the drawers although one still needs finishing!
I added a silhouette of Paris on the top to give it some personality and voila!

I am looking to get a slightly smaller desk for when we decorate but for now, this provides everything I need it to!

Jade and the paper trail xx

30 days Craft Challenge – Day One – You


As this blog is new, I think this challenge by Craft Schmooze is a great idea for you to get to know me and this blog!

So Day One – You


This was taken on my wedding day just as my hair and make up was finished.  It’s the nicest I think I’ve looked because I’m usually dressing up in silly clothes, either as my alter ego for work as a children’s entertainer or just my usual style!

I do love a selfie, however this blog won’t have many pictures of myself because, for once, it’s not all about me!

Jade and the paper trail xx

Fluffy pens and Brussel Sprouts!


A random blog post today just to get things going and I’m also testing out the fact that I can blog on my phone, eek!
So some feedback from you lovelies would help in seeing how this comes out too please!

I just wanted to show you my fluffy pen that comes from Paperchase plus I got a chance to use my Sprouts tape also from the same shop.
Check it out –



This is a huge roll of tape! The main body of it is see-through and then the awesome Brussel Sprouts with party hats on their heads complete the whole look!
I used it today to seal the party bags for my sons birthday party. They are so quirky and fun that I think they make a great addition to any thing you need to seal as well as decorating planners, envelopes, diaries etc!

If your lucky, you may be able to pick some tape up from paperchase in their latest sales!