Fun Fun Fun at The Colouring Club!

Last night I joined a lovely bunch of ladies at their 3rd meeting for colouring, run by Marian.

Adult colouring may have taken off in 2015 but I have always been a colouring fan and to then attend an evening like this was very exciting!  All we had to do was bring our colouring books and pens, and a small amount of change to take part in the raffle!

My chosen book for the evening was my new Tropical Wonderland by Millie Marrotta which my lovely husband bought me for Christmas!

Choice of pen was Sharpies, they do bleed through the pages but I just love the choice of colours and how smooth they look when I use them.

On the night I also received these beauties from Lidls’ which provided a trip down memory lane as I used them at school!


So I was also doing two pictures at once because it is nice to change things up every so often!

The night also included snacks and drinks and proceeds were going to charity too.

The conversation was a mixture of talking about schools, Poldark and getting to know one another as well as a related topic about Zentangle which I have often looked into doing but never been brave enough to try!  This is something that will be explored at the next group!

I really enjoyed looking at everyone else’s designs and was really inspired!  Especially when I could see how pencils could be used for shading rather than just full colour which is my speciality!

You can find out when the next group is by adding yourself to Colouring Outside the Lines group on Facebook and I have also been running my own colouring group, The Colouring Notebook.

Pop by, we would love to see you and your designs!

Thank you Marian for being a great host, and to all the lovely ladies that welcomed me!

Jade and the Paper Trail xx



Yoo-hoo! We are Live!

This is it, no going back now, I have clicked live and publish to my blog!

Hello and welcome and please be patient whilst I find my way around!  Basically, this blog is a way for me to unleash to the world my love and addiction for all things stationery!

From colouring books, to planners, notebooks to diaries, I am obsessed and some may say, I have a problem!  BUT I know I am not alone!

Join me on this journey to discover what I have discovered, from etsy sellers, high street shops, secret discoveries and obvious choices, I thank you already for taking the time to read this!

Jade & the Paper Trail